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Why Choose Debt Management

You reduce your payments

We all care about our standard of living, and this is why one of our advisers will talk to you and help you figure out a sum that will keep this standard of living to a pleasant limit. Everything else will be compared to your statement of income and used to pay your debt in the form of reduced monthly payments.

You deal with creditors easily

When you choose a debt management plan, your creditors are made aware of the existence of such a plan and you will stop receiving calls from them. You get rid of threatening legal letters and phone requests.

Only one payment per month. One you can afford.

After the sum you will have to give back each month has been recalculated, the debt management company will need to receive only one such payment per month. Our advisors will help you in such a way that this sum will be one you afford to pay without affecting your life style. Furthermore, there is a clear benefit in having to make only one clear payment instead of multiple ones each month.

Frozen Interest Rate

Most of the time negotiations with your creditor can lead to a frozen interest rate. They usually agree to this since it is easier to pay a monthly rate if you know for sure that interest is not accumulating.

We deal with you personally

As our client you will be attributed a debt adviser that will deal with your case personally. He or she will help you with any questions you may have.

Plan for unforeseen circumstances

There may come a time when you will need to adjust your monthly payments due to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe your salary was upped and you wish to increase the sum you need to pay back each month. Talk to the adviser that was assigned to you and he’ll help you in this matter.

No need to go to court

You can change a debt management plan without having to go to court. It is regarded as an informal arrangement, unlike an IVA.

No stress

If the thought of your monthly payments is affecting your life in any way, you need to fix this. A debt management plan is a good way to return to your standard of living and still have the benefits of a stress-free life. You will be able to tend to your family and work. This in turn will help you work without stress to make sure your payments are met every month. Everybody benefits if the client is happy.

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