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Use our debt management service

If you are in debt you are probably trying not to think of it to avoid stress. This is not a solution as it might lead to the increase of the sum you owe. This in turn leads to more stress and next thing you know is you’re trapped in a vicious circle.
If creditors are sending you letters and have started to call your house, let our debt management service analyze your case and relieve you of stress. Our people will help you with your problems and will try and set you up with a payment plan that betters suits both you and your creditor.
It may prove that your Debt Management is not exactly suitable for you and we will try and present you with other options.

Try a Debt Management Plan

If you can’t afford to pay your Credit Cards, Store Cards, Loans, Overdrafts or any other type of unsecure debts, we will offer you a Debt Management plan to help you with your debt repayment. A Debt Management plan is something between your creditor and you, an informal agreement that we will try to negotiate in such a way that you will have frozen interest and reduced monthly payments. From that moment, further contact with your creditor will be made through us, so you won’t have to speak to them anymore on the telephone.
Preparing a Debt Management plan proves to your creditor that you are more than willing to pay back your loan and they will see it as a means to getting back the money you owe. It also signals to them that your finances are in order and that you are in fact able to pay them back. Do keep in mind that this Debt Management plan is an informal agreement between you and the creditor, an there for the creditor can opt out of it if he feels you are not following the steps of the plan and not doing your best to honor it. If this happens, you’re back at the full value of your payment.

Are you eligible for a Debt Management Plan?

To be eligible for a Debt Management plan you have to have multiple creditors (at least two) and a debt larger than £2000. You also have to have a disposable income and a proof of that income to be considered for a Debt Management plan.

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