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If your debt is over £15.000 and you can’t pay it back, the most common advice we give to cases like yours is an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA).
IVAs have become almost a standard since the ’80s among those who have a high unsecured debt. They’re a contract between the lender and the borrower and stipulate the terms of the debt.

Some benefits of the IVAs

  • You will be queried to see exactly how much you will be able to afford paying back each month, so your living standards will remain unaltered;
  • You are to be debt-free after 60 months and completely free of the IVA. The remainder of your debt will be written off;
  • You will not be bankrupt as an IVA allows you to still have bank accounts and manage your business;
  • If your debt is being managed by an Individual Voluntary Agreement, you’re free of the hassle debt companies practice;
  • Debt collection agencies will not be able to drag you to Court as long as you make your repayments;
  • No extra fees added to your debt;
  • You will be able to reduce up to 80% of your debt.
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