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FAQs About Debt Management

Will it have any effect on my current credit rating?

Yes, it will. Credit reference agencies keep a record of your credit accounts. If you fail to make payments a notice will be placed on your credit file for a term of 6 years and this will have an impact on your future ability to acquire another credit. Some creditors will agree to remove this notice before the 6 years pass.

I have different debts. Can you help with all of them?

Yes, we can. It doesn’t matter if your debts are connected to credit cards, loans or unpaid bills – we can find a way to help you with all of these.

Will I need the exact details of my debt when I get in touch with you?

It would be advisable but not strictly necessary as long as you can explain to us in your own words how much money you owe and to whom the debt is to be paid.

Who will speak to me if I will call you?

One of our well-trained Debt counselors. He will have knowledge of past cases similar to your’s and will be able to asses your situation.

How about confidentiality?

We guarantee the confidentiality of your case and data. If we will help you, no one else has to know about it.

I have debts with creditors outside the UK

As long as you make your payments from the UK we might be able to help you. Explain your situation to one of our counselors.

Does the size of my debt matter?

It doesn’t. We will advise you no matter how large the sum you owe.

I have gathered debt on different credit cards

An IVA might be the right solution for you.

Do you need to contact my spouse?

The discussion we will have will remain between you and us. We won’t need to contact your spouse unless you specifically want us to.

I have a student debt that exceeds £15,000

You might try an IVA, but our advice is to contact us and discuss your situation so we will have time to analyze your case.

The value of everything I own doesn’t cover my debt

Bankruptcy should be regarded as a last resort. It will however protect your assets from creditors.

What debt problems can you help me with?

We are experienced in dealing with almost any kind of debt problems, be they overdrafts, credit card debts or other type of debts.

Will I have to fill forms for you?

You can simply call us on the phone and we will have a chat about your situation. No need for pesky forms and long questions.

My situation is dire. Can you still help me?

You will have to call us and explain everything to us. What you might consider dire can sound fixable on our end. Give it a try.

What happens if I don’t agree with your solutions?

You don’t have to accept them and you are in liberty to change your mind. Consumer Protection Regulations state that you are allowed to do this even after almost two weeks have passed since you agreed on a plan with us and this has been put into practice.
An IVA is a legally binding arrangement and it cannot be canceled if a creditor meeting has been summoned.

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